Monday, March 29, 2010

Ode to a Tuxedo Kitten

Pretty Boy
Ok, I know this isn't about food but I had a rough weekend. I had all sorts of plans and ideas of how my weekend was going to be and that included a funny write up on the numerous eviscerated rodents my small tuxedo hunter Little was bringing up on the porch. I was sure he just thought I wasn't eating well. The most recent was Thursday night and he was happy as a clam and so proud of himself. Instead, after me not seeing him for a day, I found him dead and I was devastated and I'm hoping that writing about the loss will help me get over it.

Frankly, there are heavy rumors going around that gophers and field mice put a hit on him and that may be true but I haven't gotten any of the locals to give up any information. Lexie, his terrier buddy from next door has been doing the questioning and come up empty handed so far. She too is sad not having her playmate around but she's a bit rambunctious for Little's brother big boy, Ace and sister the princess Izumi.

Needless to say I have a very heavy heart and will miss him bunches. He was a huge part of my daily life for the last 5 years being the boss of the house and the property here and pretty much the neighborhood when we lived down in Concord. He truly believed that he was the king and we were all his subjects as shown in the photo below. Here he's lying at my workspace on my desk where you could often find him when he was in the house. We'll all miss you Little Kitty!
Office Mate

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  1. Awe, I hate it when an animal dies too, and it is often so sudden isn't it? I'm sure he's in kitty heaven!