Friday, June 27, 2014

It's Been a Quite A While

A Year. 
Nope! How bout over two since I posted on this blog. 
It's been 32 whole months since I got married, moved into our MAJOR renovation, and 4 years or so since we started our relatively successful business. 

I've gained a ton of weight. Ok, not a ton but the poundage has done more than creep up. On both of us.   We are were eating low carb more or less, some days less than more and I've been adding tasty gluten free recipes to my rotation. Its a struggle though and I still really feel like I just want to document a lot of it. But man I have just been feeling so crappy, totally lethargic and worn out. Zero energy. Blood pressure is creeping up and I was given "the talk" about loose weight or go on meds. Time to do something about it.

This last month has been really busy, with niece and nephew graduating from high school and grade school. A visit from sis in law #6 and her family from Chicago that will wrap up in a few days. My honey's birthday and the 3 day house boat trip on the USS Swan Princess, and tomorrows birthday party for sis in law #5. I number them because I have 7.

I also want to document the AMAZING house renovation inside and out. It's a huge, very cool  project. I want to document, my new home interior/furniture findings and DIY. That's a total learning process all it's own. And I still want to talk about food. Not as much as I used to once upon a time but there are days when I do something spectacular and I want to share. That actually happens fairly often, I just haven;t been sharing. 
So, that said,  I think I am going to change the focus of the blog a bit and not focus entirely on food and wine but make the blog more about the journey I'm on cause it's pretty darn cool.