Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boy does time slip by...

Well, so much for getting some work done...

After weeks of not being "home," I came home made a wedding cake, unpacked my stuff (sort of) ran all sorts of errands and of course intended to catch up on my case load for work. Really I was going to. I finally looked at what time it was and said, well never mind what I said.

I wiled away the afternoon by looking through my Artful Blogging magazine, cleaning up the kitchen, updating my blog, and taking pictures, but no "work" occurred. I will now have to set my alarm to some awful time before the sun actually considers peeking it's head over the hills and actually get my butt out of bed. (note to self do not hit snooze more than once!)

So now I will refuse to feel guilty and to aid me in that task is the yummiest bottle of Todd Taylor 2006 Lockwood Cabernet. The picture is a little dark but heck I'm just learning about this whole photography thing and you should have seen the blurry pictures when I tried with no flash and more light in the room. Not pretty.

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