Thursday, January 15, 2009

A - Z Reading List

Reading List Update

Well, we're almost to October and I've been really busy but still managing to read, work just gets in the way of things some times. Below is an updated list of what's been read so far this year. I'm sure I'm missing things but I have a pile of books functioning as a bedside table in my room. I need to go through that and see what I've read vs what's still to come...I haven't updated my "book reports" yet
but I'll get around to it sometime.

Happy New Year!

For the new year my crazy cousin Nicole thinks we should undertake a mammoth challenge this year by reading 26 books, one for each letter of the alphabet. Who am I to disagree with her, so I'm going to post what I'm reading/read. This will be updated with additions and a book review when I'm done. So far 1 down 25 to go....

1. Acheron
2. Bakewise
3. Carolina Moon
4. Dream Warrior
5. Eclipse
6. Field Guide to Men - Sweet Potato Queen's
7. Gunslinger
8. Hidden Riches
9. I
10. Judas Strain
11. K
12. Last Oracle
13. Magic
14. N
15. One Silent Night
16. P
17. Q
18. R
19. Skeleton Crew
21. U
22. Vision in White
23. What's Age Got To Do With It?
24. X
25. Y
26. Z

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