Friday, September 18, 2009

Holy Cow

Ok, I'm back. AGAIN.

There have just been so many changes in the last 9 months. I've moved North to the house I grew up in with my bratty brother and my mom and dad. Now I'm here with my mom, my three kitties, mom's kitty and the neighbors boisterous Jack Russell cross Lexie. I've reconnected with friends from school that are keeping me somewhat sane and providing for lots of comic relief and free entertainment. I'm getting to spend more time with my niece and nephew. And, I've met the most amazing man that apparently adores me even though I say what's on my hard headed mind.

So...let the adventures begin, it's looking like there will be LOTS of them.

I've decided with all the things that I've got in my brain that I'll probably expand the focus of the blog to include the other aspects of what's going on here at the ranch. Farm. Ranch. Whichever one it is although with my love of food and family I'm sure there will be lots of goodies cooked and hopefully interesting things will be happening.

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