Tuesday, July 28, 2015

T Minus 5 Days and Counting

Well  the last time I posted was back in June 2014 about my long absence. It hasn't gotten any better. 

My fatigue had been so horrible that I could barely make it through most weeks without needing to nap for several hours a couple of times a week. I have days where I get up feeling good then sometime during the day I get chills and felt like I was freezing to death. It's now a little over a year later and after finally being able to see a couple of doctors and get some lab work done I found that I had a  raging episode of an active Ebstein Barr Virus Infection going on. 

Well dang! No wonder I felt like crap. I had  a pretty bad case of Mono back when I was 18 but I always understood that it wasnt something that you could get again. Apparently not only is that wrong but after compairing lab results from the last 18 months it looks like I may have been dealing with this for art least that long. My lab result have been pretty eye opening. My blood sugar has been creeping up, my thyroid markers are whacked ( that is a technical term, lol) and my inflammation markers were skyhigh. On top of that over the last year I've developed the most brutal case of exzema on my hands that just keep getting worse and nothing seems to be making it better. At my last allergist appointment when he said "patch test was inconclusive. I think you need to do an Elimination Diet to determine what is causing it." I almost cried.  Then I came home and decided that I could do this and I started researching and decided to do Whole30. 

So starting August 2nd I will be undergoing a major change in my eating to see what the heck is making me, well, ill. I've convinced my husband to join me as well and we're hoping that the change helps with his cronic inflammation in his joints. On Day One I'll post my before photos as I'm hoping this will help me drop some weight as well and then we'll go from there and maybe this will help me stay accountable.

Wish me luck

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