Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Biggest Oysters I've EVER seen

Well last weekend was a whirlwind. Went to Auburn on Thursday morning for my future sis in laws wonderful wedding. Came home Saturday night and turned around to leave again on Sunday for a quick trip to the Oregon coast.

With Monday being the 4th I actually had a day off and got to take a drive up to Port Orford. The weather was beautiful if a little windy but we were directed to a place where we had the best dinner. This was at Griff's on the Dock. This place may have had more that 6 tables in the tiny place but I'm not sure where they could have been.

Dinner was wonderful, I got the fried oysters and they were a sight to behold. I kid you not those things were about as large as my palm, tender and very delicious, lightly breaded and totally tasting of oyster not breading. The french fries and coleslaw weren't too shabby either and the thing I really liked about the plate was that all about the oysters, not the fries or the slaw.

One of my girlfriends got the Ciopinno. This had fresh butter clams, and baby shrimp, along with the largest chunks of crab I've ever seen and fresh rockfish.
It was tasty too, or at least the spoonfull she let me have was really yummy. When it comes to shellfish sharing can be an iffy thing.


  1. Wow look at the size of those oysters, I wonder where they got them from.

  2. Wow! I have to go there when I am in Oregon. Thank you for the post. Check out my blog when you have the time.