Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally Up

Well after several weeks of not being able to remember my new password to be able to get this darn thing up and running I cracked the code!! Yipee! Now I can share my passion with all of my unsuspecting victims. If anyone cares that is. Ha!

I've been up here in far Northern California for several weeks now torturing my mother, cooking and baking, not necessarily in that order. Made a cake for my cousin's wedding a few weeks back. Then had an opportunity to practice my fondant work and made a cake for a Halloween party last weekend. I think it turned out pretty well and the hostess loved it and said it tasted fantastic and that's all that matters.

Next up in the baking arena, Mykel's wedding cake and a birthday cake for my mom. attempt at fried chicken. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, it could get ugly!


  1. he he..not too bad!! Very cute cake!!!! Kiss yer Mom and whack JB for me!
    Love Ya

  2. Why are we "attempting" fried chicken? Please enlighten us, clearly there is a hilarious story behind that statement!!!

  3. Welcome to Blogging! We love it. Here's our blogsite:)

    Good luck!

  4. So, are ya gonna have guest appearances? We could do things like pickled Pork Chops, Cannolis, Fish tacos and if'n ya allow it, the original Tortorice version of sausitsas! HAR! Take it to the edge baby!

  5. your cake looks really nice.. is this for Halloween party?